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Knitting Orders

  • We can knit sweaters for you.

  • The price depends on the size, the difficulty of the pattern and the yarn.




If you bought the yarn at the store, you can give us your sweaters to finish (seams, collar...)


Here are the prices:  

        Kid sweaters: from 25$

        Adult sweaters: from 35$




You can order online, by private message on Facebook, or by email.


Shipping costs are as follows:             

        o General 14,00$             

        o Orders between 65$ and 120$ before tax: 7$ (code: PM50) 

        o Orders above 120$ before tax: free (no code)

        o If you live in Quebec City, within 20km of the store, we offer free delivery         


To order: "Store" tab



Loyalty Program

We offer a loyalty card good for one year from the date of the first purchase. On it go purchases (before tax) of all regular-price yarns. Once you get to 150$ within a year, you get a 15$ rebate on your next purchase.

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